1. Pour heterogeneous mixture through the plastic funnel and through the fine metal sieve into one of the 500mL beaker
  2. Leave salt, sand, and iron filings in 500mL beaker
  3. Hand pick wood shavings and aluminum out from top of sieve and place into respective 200mL beakers
  4. Carefully sort through materials in 500 mL beaker and use tweezers to pick out small pieces of aluminum or wood shavings that may have fallen through the sieve
  5. Insert three large magnets into 500mL beaker and wait until all iron filings have attached to magnets
  6. Pull magnets out of beaker with iron filings magnetically attached to magnets
  7. Scrape iron filings off of magnets and into respective 200mL beaker
  8. Take remaining mixture of salt and sand, and sift through sieve to make sure all particles of other items are not present
  9. Add approximately 300mL of pure water
  10. Stir mixture thoroughly with spoon until all of the sand has dissolved
  11. Use paper towels to clean up any spills if necessary
  12. Pour mixture through filter paper into a 500mL beaker until only sand remains on filter paper
  13. Take sand and put into respective 200mL beaker
  14. Place mixture on hot plate
  15. Set temperature on hot plate to 100* Celsius, 212* Fahrenheit, or 373.15* Kelvin
  16. Wait until mixture is boiling and all water has evaporated, leaving only salt in the beaker
  17. Take 500mL beaker off of the hot plate
  18. Pour salt into respective 200mL beaker

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