On the sugar test, the gum lost a considerable amount of mass compared to the original weight in all of trials. The Bubblicious did not lose all of the six grams of sugar that it contains. It lost an average of 5.24 grams of mass per trial. This is probably because the gum was not chewed long enough in order for all of the sugar to be dissolved. The weight did decrease as it was chewed for longer periods of time. The Bazooka gum did not have the same pattern that the Bubblicious gum had. The gum lost more than the three grams of sugar mass in two of the trials and lost an average of 3.16 grams. In one of the trials, the gum lost only 0.01 grams of mass more than the three grams of sugar. In another one of the trials, the gum lost considerably more than the three grams of sugar even though it was not chewed for the longest amount of time. The other lost nearly the three grams of sugar. The Wrigley's had a pattern that differs from all the others. The time needed to lose flavor varied greatly, but mass was not lost due to a longer duration of chewing. The amount of mass lost in one trial was the same amount as another trial that was chewed for nearly two minutes longer. On two of the trials nearly all of the two grams of sugar was dissolved while the other lost 0.08 grams more than the two grams of sugar. From looking at the data, bubblicious seems to have the most sugar because it decreased most in mass, had the most sugar to begin with, and was chewed for a longa amount of time.

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